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3 Expansion Activities for Penguin’s Valentine’s Day Interactive Books

January 1, 2021 No Comments

3 Expansion Activities for “Penguin’s Valentine’s Day” Interactive Book and a FREEBIE!

On the left side of the image, the cover of Penguin's Valentine's Day book is pictures, with a sensory bin filled with the corresponding images and glitter hearts, and a mini red mailbox. On the right is the text "Penguin's Valentine's Day Interactive Book."

If you have followed me for more than a minute, you know that I am an interactive book FANATIC! I love the vocabulary that can be discussed. Interactive books are the perfect way to target core vocabulary. I also love that students play an active role in interactive books. But what do I love the MOST? I LOVE when multiple skills can be targeted at the same time and with the same interactive book. Using the same interactive book across multiple subject areas and multiple days/lessons allow students to become not only familiar with the book, but also successful. In this blog post, I share three expansion activities that you can do with your students using my “Penguin’s Valentine’s Day” Interactive Books, plus a FREEBIE!


The text "Penguin's Valentine's Day Interactive Book Expansion Activities is written at the top of the image. Below is an image of various animal cards in plastic green grass.

1. Practice identical matching with “Penguin’s Valentine’s Day” interactive book

Level 1 of “Penguin’s Valentine’s Day” targets identical matching. On each page of this Valentine’s Day interactive book, students must find the identical image of the animal that the penguin gives a card to.

To make finding the identical match more engaging, place the icons in a sensory bin or in the Grass Drying Rack (non-affiliate link) shown above. For a Valentine’s Day sensory bin, I like to use glitter foam hearts. These hearts are colorful and really grab students’ attention!



A page of Penguin's Valentine's Day interactive book is shown. The top of the page reads "Penguin gives a Valentine's Day card to Bear. Who did he give the card to.". The image on the page shows penguin putting heart shaped cards into Bear's mailbox. On the right side are the interactive pieces for the book picturing 8 different animals.

2. Practice answering “who” questions

Both levels of this Valentine’s Day interactive book include “who” questions. In level one, the student is matching the animal to each page to answer the “who” question. In level two, the student is identifying the corresponding animal after listening to the text. To expand on the “who” questions, students can practice giving Valentine’s Day cards to their peers. Once the student gives their card to a peer, you can then ask the class or individual students “who” the student gave the card to.


This image shows a sheet of paper with the phrase "give to ______" at the top. Below that are 8 animals in a chart. At the bottom is a sentence strip "give to _______." In the blank is a picture of the bird. This is a free activity that can be used with my Valentine's Day interactive book.

3. Target the direction: “give to-“

As an additional expansion activity, the core word “give” can be targeted. Grab my FREE resource as an easy way to target “give.” To work on this, provide the student with a “give” direction either verbally or with the sentence strip. Students must then “give” the heart card to the specified animal. This is also a great way to target:

  • animal identification
  • following one-step directions
  • discrimination
  • color identification (if you tell your students to give a specific color heart card to an animal)

Grab the FREEBIE at the end of the post!


My “Penguin’s Valentines Day” Interactive Books are available in a printable or digital version. Both are linked here:

Penguin’s Valentine’s Day Printable Interactive Books

Penguin’s Valentine’s Day Interactive Book BOOM Cards

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