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3 Expansion Activities for Silly Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Book

February 14, 2021 No Comments

3 Expansion Activities for the Silly Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Book

The text "Silly Leprechaun Interactive Book Expansion Activities & FREEBIES" is written above and below the image of the sequencing activities and clip cards.

I can’t believe March is almost here and we are talking about St. Patrick’s Day! As I have stated (probably in every blog post I have ever written) I LOVE adapted books for targeting ALL of the skills! Here I am going to share some skills that can be targeted with my “Silly Leprechaun” St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Book. I will even share one activity that you can use whether or not you own the books…but I hope you do! 😊

Activity #1: Practice Identical Matching with these St. Patrick’s Day Interactive Books


An inside page of the Silly Leprechaun Interactive Book is shown next to a sensory bin holding the interactive pieces for the adapted book.

Level 2 of “Silly Leprechaun” targets identical matching. On each page of this St. Patrick’s Day interactive book, students must find the identical image of the leprechaun’s prank to match to each page.

To make finding the identical match more engaging, place the icons in a St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin or in the Grass Drying Rack. For a sensory bin, I like to use glitter shamrocks or green pom poms.

Is this a whole group activity? Pass out one prank to each student (print multiple copies if you have more than 8 students). As you read the book, have the students raise their hand if they have the prank that goes to each corresponding page! What a fun way to enjoy this book as a class!


Activities #2 and #3: Core Word “Where” Expansion Activities


A "where is the leprechaun?" sequencing activity is shown, as well as 2 "where is the leprechaun" matching task cards. In addition, 2 glitter shamrocks are pictured.


Both levels of this St. Patrick’s Day interactive book discuss different locations in the house that the silly leprechaun has left a prank. For expansion activities, the core word “where,” can be targeted. Teachers can ask “where” questions as they read the book to the class or individual students. To assist the students in answering “where” questions, be sure to download my FREE “Where Did the Leprechaun Go?’ sequencing activity, as well as my “Where” task cards, both available at the end of this post.


  1. As you are reading the “Silly Leprechaun” book, students will work on answering the question “where did the leprechaun go” as they fill in their sequencing board. Not only does this allow students to work on various locations, and “where” questions, but it also allows students to work on sequencing! Again, these interactive pieces can be placed in a sensory bin for added engagement!

An inside page of the Silly Leprechaun Interactive Book is shown next to a FREE sequencing activity that goes along with this adapted book.


  1. The “where” task cards require students to match the leprechaun’s location from a field of two. Students can use clothespins, markers, mini erasers, and more to mark their answers. BONUS: You do not need to own the Silly Leprechaun Adapted Books to use this freebie!

Four "where is the leprechaun" task cards are shown. On each card, students must identify from a field of 2, the matching location of the leprechaun.

My Silly Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day interactive books are available in a printable version. Check out the link below!

Silly Leprechaun Printable Interactive Books

Want to grab the expansion activities for FREE? Fill out the form below to receive it!




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