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4 Simple and Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids with CVI

November 11, 2021 No Comments

4 Simple and Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids with CVI

The text at the top says "CVI-friendly Thanksgiving Activities." Below there are pictures of feathers on a light table, a Thanksgiving foods sensory bin with black beans, and two sample pages from a Turkey's Feather adapted book.

Thanksgiving is almost here, and I can already smell the mashed potatoes and apple pie! In this blog post, I am sharing four of my favorite Thanksgiving activities for kids with CVI. As with my other posts, these activities are multi-sensory, which means they will also benefit students with multiple disabilities, cerebral palsy, autism, etc.

Thanksgiving Activities for Kids with CVI Activity #1- Adapted Books

The text at the top says "Adapted Books." The image shows two sample pages from a Turkey's Feather adapted book.

Adapted books are an engaging way to work on new skills, as well as previously mastered skills. In these adapted books, students work on colors, follow one-step directions, and practice task completion. The bright-colored images on a black background are engaging for students with CVI, and tactile supports can be added to the feathers to make the activity more visually friendly. These adapted books pair perfectly with the sensory activities shared in the next section. These adapted books have four levels. In addition, these books can be further differentiated by providing the student/child with a single feather choice (errorless) to multiple feather choices (practicing differentiation). This differentiated set is perfect for multiple students with CVI to use throughout the Thanksgiving season. 

Sensory Bin

The text at the top says "Sensory Bin." The image shows a Thanksgiving foods sensory bin with black beans, and task cards with food items on them.

For the next Thanksgiving activities for kids with CVI, I am sharing a simple sensory bin activity. 

For this sensory bin activity you will need:

  • corn kernels or beans
  • Thanksgiving-themed vocabulary cards 

Students can work on simply finding and picking up the vocabulary cards. They can also work on identifying a named Thanksgiving food item. Furthermore, two sets of the cards can be printed, and students can work on matching. And as I have mentioned before in previous blog posts, the teacher can control the field size by selecting how many cards are in the bin for this activity.  For premade Thanksgiving CVI-friendly vocabulary cards, click here.  

Light Table Activity

The text at the top says "Light Table Activity." The image shows orange, green, yellow, and pink feathers on a light table.

For this light table activity, students will be exploring feathers. To keep with the feather theme, feathers will be spread out on a light table. Students will work on exploring and playing with the feathers. If you are looking for additional activities to complete with the feathers you can also have students:

  • build shapes
  • build letters
  • sort colors
  • sort by size

Textured Turkey Craft

For this craft:

  1. Print out a simple turkey outline from Google on white paper. 
  2. Trace the body of the turkey onto brown paper. 
  3. Trace the feathers onto different colored textured paper. 
  4. Students will cut out the feathers. 
  5. Students will glue the different leaves onto the body of the turkey. 

Need any ideas for types of textured materials to use? Be sure to check out the blog post here


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