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Errorless Task Cards and CVI: 3 Ways to Use Them in Your Classroom

January 31, 2023 No Comments

Errorless Task Cards and CVI: 3 Ways to Use Them in Your Classroom

There are many benefits to completing task cards, including matching, task completion, chaining activities, and so much more! However, not all students are ready to complete task cards. This is why I created CVI-friendly ERRORLESS task cards! These cards can help students build confidence while teaching them how to complete task cards! There are a few different ways that you can use errorless task cards with students with CVI. In this blog post, I will share three different ways.


On the left, there is a task card with a fireplace on it and next to it is an interactive piece with a log on it. To the right of the image, the following text says "Errorless task cards & cortical visual impairment."

Simple Task Completion

The most simple and usual way of using these errorless task cards is for task completion. To do this, I recommend putting a single task card in front of the child. Then off to the side, place the interactive piece. Students will be responsible for locating the interactive piece, picking it up, and putting it on the card. For students that are ready to chain skills, provide them with a pile of (identical) task cards with all of the interactive pieces off to the side. Students will then be responsible for putting an interactive piece on each task card. Students can then work on moving the task card off to the side or putting it away in a bin. 

Sensory Bin Activity

At the top is a picture of a black sensory bin with black beans inside. Among the black beans, there are interacticve pieces of shovels. In front of the sensory bin is a task card with a picture of a pile of snow on it. Below the image is the following text: "Errorless task cards and sensory bins."

Making the errorless task cards into a sensory bin activity works similarly to the simple task completion way that was described above. The only difference is that instead of putting the interactive pieces off to the side, you will put them inside the sensory bin. Again, you can put one or multiple interactive pieces in the bin, depending on the skills of the student. 

Non-errorless Task Cards

A hot cocoa task card is shown on a black felt board. To the right of the task cards are three interactive pieces with pictures of a shovel, log, and marshmallow on them.

Yes, you read that right…NON-errorless task cards. For students that are ready, you can intermix all of the task cards, one of each for example, and students will have to differentiate between the interactive pieces and put the correct one on each card. One of the many benefits of these task cards is that the images are large and bright. In addition, the task cards offer a solid black background and there are three different versions of interactive pieces included. If all of these features benefit your student with CVI and they are ready to start working on discrimination, you can use them in a NON-errorless way!


Want to try errorless task cards in your classroom, therapy room, or home?

Click here to check out my CVI-friendly Errorless Task Cards!



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