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FREE Thanksgiving Adapted Book for Kids with CVI

November 10, 2023 No Comments

FREE Thanksgiving Adapted Book for Kids with CVI

In November, there are so many themes out there to teach. For most of the month, I teach about the season of fall, leaves, pumpkins and more. However, I do spend a little time teaching about Thanksgiving. (This is only if each student is allowed to learn about Thanksgiving.) For all students, especially those with CVI, being familiar with the vocabulary and things they might see or smell at Thanksgiving can help the holiday be a positive experience. In this post, I share some ideas for using this FREE adapted book with students with cortical visual impairment. 

Thanksgiving Interactive Book for Kids with Cortical Visual Impairment

To help prepare your fall or Thanksgiving units, I am sharing this free, high-contrast, CVI-friendly, Thanksgiving adapted book. This book contains 6 pages. Each page requires the student to put the named food “in” the oven. The best part?? There are three levels built into this download. Prepare this book once, and it is ready for multiple students to use!

The image shows the cover of the book: Let's Cook on Thanksgiving. Also in the image is a sample page from the book and interactive pieces for the book.

How do I Prep this Adapted Book?

Adapted books are relatively easy to prep. Follow these few steps, and your adapted book will be ready to use in no time!

  1. Print the pages. I like to print on cardstock for durability, but you can absolutely print on regular printer paper.
  2. Cut out the interactive pieces and trim the pages of the book. I am a cut, laminate, cut supporter, however, you can absolutely jump right to the next step if you don’t cut the images out first!
  3. Laminate the images for durability! I like to use matte lamination, as the glare on regular lamination can be very distracting for some students with CVI. 
  4. Cut out the interactive pieces and trim the full pages.
  5. Bind the pages of the book. I like to use binder rings to bind my books. I find it to be very cost-effective, however, you can also use a binding machine!
  6. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP?? Place two pieces of hook and loop dots on each page. This will set up the book so you can use all three levels with ease! Photo directions are found in the download!


How do I Use this Thanksgiving Adapted Book for Kids with CVI?

The options are endless when it comes to incorporating adapted books into your classroom or story time at home. In this post, I am going to share three ways I recommend using this Let’s Cook on Thanksgiving book. 

  1. The first way is as an errorless book. To set this up, you will provide the child with the single, correct picture that corresponds to each page that is read. Even though the child isn’t working on discriminating between images, they are still working on picking up the image, placing it in its designated location on the page (in the oven), and turning the pages. Errorless books are great because they help students learn without any mistakes, making it easier to understand and remember new things.
  2. The second way is as an “identifying” activity. This means you will set the book up with the blank distractor or with a second photo distractor. This helps the students work on discrimination and identifying the named Thanksgiving food item. More specific directions are included in the download.
  3. The third way that I like to use this book is in a sensory bin. To set this up, you will provide the child with anywhere between 1 (errorless) – 6 interactive pieces in the sensory bin. Then, when the student needs to find the corresponding image, they will search in the sensory bin for the correct image. Using sensory bins with adapted books is fantastic because it helps make reading more engaging and interactive, making learning even more enjoyable and accessible for everyone. One of my favorite sensory bin fillers that provide high contrast is black pom poms

An image shows a sample page. The text at the top of the page says "Put the green beans in." On the left of the page is a blue oven. To the right of the page are two interactive pieces: green beans and a yellow apple

Why Should I Use This Book for Students with CVI?

  1. All students benefit from repetition. By using this book throughout the month of November, students with CVI are exposed to this book countless times. Repetition is super helpful for students with cortical visual impairment because it gives them more chances to understand and remember things, such as images and vocabulary, making learning easier and more effective.
  2. Not all students with CVI are ready to use 2-D images, however, if you have students that are starting to work on understanding 2-D images, photographs are a good place to start. Photographs look more realistic and include more features of the object compared to clipart images. 
  3. The book includes simple, high-contrast pages. The simple pages are more visually friendly for students with CVI, as they don’t have to worry about competing stimuli on the page. High-contrast books are helpful for kids with cortical visual impairment because the sharp differences in colors make it easier for students to see and understand the pictures, which can enhance their visual learning experience.


Looking for Additional Modifications?

If students are having a difficult time finding the oven on the page, you can outline the oven (or the “opening” of the oven) with yellow washi tape or Wikki Stix. This will highlight the location on the page for the students, making it easier for them to locate. 


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