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4 Fun Heart-Themed Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids with CVI

February 7, 2022 No Comments

4 Fun Heart-Themed Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids with CVI

The text at the top says "CVI-friendly Valentine's Day Activities." Below there are pictures of heart shaped cookie cutters and gems on a light table, a heart themed sensory bin, and adapted books

Valentine’s Day-themed activities are perfect for kids with CVI for so many reasons! One of the biggest reasons is the number of red materials involved, which is oftentimes a preferred color for kids with CVI. And guess what? Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day or can’t celebrate in your classroom, all of the activities (except for the interactive books) make excellent shape lessons exploring hearts! So I am here to share four Valentine’s Day activities for kids with CVI including interactive books, a light table activity, a tactile craft, and a sensory bin activity.

The text at the top says "Adapted Books." The image shows five sample pages and vocabulary cards from CVI Series: Valentine's Day Adapted Book.


Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids with CVI Activity #1- Interactive Books

Interactive books are an engaging way to work on new vocabulary. In these interactive books, students can work on a variety of skills such as matching pictures, identifying pictures, visual scanning and recognition, using a pointer finger/finger isolation, and so much more!  As with my other interactive books, the bright-colored images found on a black background are engaging for students with CVI. There are seven versions included across 5 different levels. These versions range from wordless, to images and a single vocabulary word, to images with a full sentence, to matching images from a field of 1-8. Furthermore, the included vocabulary cards can be used for matching images for any of the versions of interactive books. Check out the CVI-friendly Valentine’s Day adapted books here!


Valentine’s Day Activity #2- Sensory Bin

The text at the top says "Sensory Bin." Below shows a sensory bin filled with silicone heart shaped cups, heart stress balls, glitter shredded paper, and pipe cleaners.

For the next Valentine’s Day activities for kids with CVI, I am sharing a simple sensory bin activity. For this sensory bin activity you will need:

This sensory bin is all about exploring different textures! The stress balls are squishy; you can bend the baking cups. The gift bag filler and pipe cleaners are shiny and provide movement. Students can also put the stress balls in the baking cups and then dump them out. Bonus, if you put all of these items in a clear bin on a light table, it can be even more visually engaging!

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids with CVI Activity #3- Light Table Activity

The text at the top of the image says "Light Table Activity." Below is an image a heart shaped cookie cutter and pink and red translucent gems.

Even though the aforementioned sensory bin can be used on the light table, I have another fun light table activity to share with you! For this activity, you will need heart cookie cutters and translucent gems (non-affiliate link). Students can work on:

  • putting the gems “in”
  • sorting colors
  • identifying colors
  • and more!

Textured Heart Craft

The text "craft" is found at the top of the image. Below is a white craft on black paper. On the white heart, there are different red textures including felt, corrugated paper, pom poms, holographic paper, pipe cleaners and more.

For this craft:

  1. Print out a simple heart outline from Google on white paper. 
  2. Cut out the white heart and glue it onto black paper. 
  3. Cut pieces of different colored textures or of the same color.
  4. Glue the pieces onto the heart template. 

Need any ideas for types of textured materials to use? Be sure to check out the blog post here


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